With expertise in GIS/Geospatial and Remote Sensing. Our specialists carry out analyses that allow you to observe and understand key environmental features of your project and help you arrive at evidence based decisions. We analyze geospatial and satellite Earth observation data to extract levels of information to highlight patterns and relationships useful for your project, such as terrain, land cover, the built environment, water resources, and sensitive habitats. Working with your team, we employ a wide range of geospatial data to provide innovative solutions to your environmental challenges.

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As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.

Contracting services

Our Geospatial/GIS and related consultancy services include:

  • Data Capture Services.
  • Map Production.
  • Spatial Analysis.
  • Geo-database Design and Development.

Our Remote Sensing and related consultancy services include:

  • Digital Image Processing.
  • Land Cover and Land Use.
  • Change Detection.